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The Bike Patrols

A new job has appeared at resorts: Mountain bike slope guards, also known as Bike Patrols.
Their aim: to inform practitioners and raise their awareness of the conditions for safe sport.

Over the last few years, recreational mountain biking has developed everywhere in France, not only in mountain resorts, to the delight of the mountain bikers themselves.

Their competences range from raising awareness to the practitioners’ safety, as well as the maintenance and development of the slopes and slopestyle courses:
active safety (rescue/evacuation) and passive safety (nets, closures of slopes and footbridges, dialogue).

The Bike Patrol’s aims

To inform practitioners and raise their awareness of the conditions for safe sport. To organise the area devoted to recreational mountain biking: opening of slopes, closing of dangerous stretches, surveillance, etc.

The Bike Patrols participate in the maintenance and development of the mountain biking area. They also intervene in the event of an accident to secure the area and, as appropriate, assist the public emergency services to evacuate the injured.

At the Bike Park in Les Angles

Check the condition of your bike carefully: performing jumps with a faulty bike may prove fatal!
Protect your head and your back; you aren’t hiking. Wearing a helmet and back protectors is compulsory.
There is signage at a Bike Park, just like on a ski slope or a signposted trail. Respect it! Ensure your safety by reconnoitring the route and the modules and adapting your speed!
Are the modules closed? Don’t go on them, they’re under maintenance or repair.
To avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident, make sure you’re insured!
An injured person? Provide assistance by raising the alert; the emergency number is
Our Bike Patrol team always pays great attention to detail when designing a module. The challenges are numerous: offering modules in which the rider feels safe, avoiding braking, draining water, etc.

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