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From beginners to the more advanced...

The Bike Park in Les Angles is made up of 9 downhill slopes with 5 different levels (from green to double black), including 1 North Store black slope with different wooden modules. The slopes are varied in terms of their difficulty and panoramic views!
In addition, the resort has equipped 3 recreational aerial slopes inspired by the Canadian Whistler model.

5-10% of these slopes will be set aside for beginners, 40-50% for intermediate riders and 30-40% for more advanced ones.

The DH slopes

5,3 KM – 500M DESCENT


Green slope: This simple DH track will take you through the undergrowth without any major obstacles. Recreational areas, bridges, a picnic area. It will provide you with the first thrills of going downhill.

4,9 KM – 500M DESCENT


Blue slope: This slope, with an average technical level, is punctuated by different recreational areas with a bridge, a wall, banked turns, a road gap, weighbridge, jumps and a picnic area.

5.75 KM – 500M DESCENT


Technical blue slope: Marathon DH slope. A technical course with highly varied terrain. Ideal for a practitioner who prefers natural terrain. Picnic area.

0,7 KM – 275M DESCENT


Technical black slope: Access via the Frodo and Gandalf slopes. A slope highly engaged in a steep slope in the undergrowth.


Zone North Shore

A succession of accessible wooden modules overlooking Lake Matemale. A red-difficulty slope.

Flow Zone

390M – 80M DESCENT

Bloody Mary

Red track: Aerial track on a series of modules on a wooded area.

1,1 KM – 110M DESCENT


Blue slope: This new slope is ideal for all practitioners, from beginners to advanced ones. The terrain movements, jumps and banked turns have been designed to be as safe as possible.



Red slope: The second new slope at the Bike Park has more than 20 jumps; the accessible aerial red slope has been built by the Bike Patrol team. After trying the DeepBlue and Gandalf several times you can let yourself go down the RedLine

1,1 KM – 110M DESCENT


Double black slope: The latest addition to the Bike Park is a very aerial slope (25 jumps in total). The design of this track was inspired by legendary slopes such as A-Line and Dirt Mechant at Whistler.

510M - 60M DESCENT


Blue track: Linear track with a series of jumps and adapted boardercross-type modules.

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