BIKE AND SPA: Évelyne, 43 years old

bike and spa

With my husband we decided to come to Les Angles for a weekend and try out the Bike Park. We’re downhill mountain bike amateurs. I’m not a great rider but I do quite well and I love the thrills that DH mountain biking provides.

On our arrival at the cable car ticket office, I notice that there’s a “Bike and Spa” package. I ask the cashier about it and she tells me that this package includes a day on the bike and 2-hour admission to Angléo, Balnéo & Spa, the aqua wellness area in ​​Les Angles.

Why not try it out? The idea of ​​taking a moment to relax after the day appeals to us… we buy the package.

We go up to the Bike Park and start our day on the Frodo green slope, just to get our legs going. I find this slope really accessible and great fun. We then move on to the blue Aragorn and Isengard slopes.

We stop and have something to eat in the Hors Sac (picnic) room… a small bite of grilled sausage, an exceptional view of the Cambre d’Aze, and off we go again for an afternoon during which we continue to discover the slopes.

My husband takes me to the Flow Zone, a space in the Bike Park that looks like the slopes at Whistler in Canada (I’ve never been there but that’s what the Bike Patrols tell us). It’s true to say that the slopes are impressive; wide, wooded with rolling sections on which we can do jumps (or not!). These slopes are really great fun and well-maintained. But they’re quite technical and require lots of concentration!

I’m absolutely exhausted when I get to the bottom! The idea of ​​ending the day at Angléo makes me really happy. After a day in the dust, lounging in the warm waters will really relax me!

We take our mountain bikes back to the van, get changed, grab our swimsuits and head off to Angléo. What’s cool is that the cable car park is only a few metres from Angléo, so there’s no need to move the vehicle.

After arriving at Angléo and going to the ticket offices to validate our passes and moving on to the changing rooms, we go down to the baths.

You’re sure to be amazed! A large pool with swan neck’s jets, whirlpools and fountains beckons me… I get in without difficulty, the water’s at 36 °C. A true moment of relaxation begins… it will last 2 hours.

Throughout these 2 hours I’ll try the steam bath, the sauna, the salt cave and, of course, the outdoor pool! A real moment of pleasure, spent with my husband in this high-standard aqua wellness area.

The hours tick by and it’s soon time to get out of the pools, but I’ve experienced both relaxation and wellness… after a day at the Bike Park, it feels really good.

We’re sure to return to Les Angles for a “Bike & Spa” day, an excellent blend of sport and relaxation, exaltation and relaxation.